Calder Pillay- Calder is 12 years old and is in sixth grade. He has brown hair that sticks straight up. He carries pentominoes in his pocket and likes to stir them around while he's walking or sitting. He also likes to makes rectangles by putting the pentominoes together. He loves to solve puzzles and sees patterns for everything. He lives on Harper Avenue, and is an only child. Tommy, Calder's friend, moved away, and Calder made a new friend, Petra. Now that Tommy is back, he's stuck in the middle, trying to figure out what to do. Calder is one of the main characters in Blue Balliett's first novel Chasing Vermeer.

Petra Andalee- Petra is 12 and in sixth grade. She has dark, out of contol curly hair, and thick glasses. She lives in a house, on Harper Avenue, with her parents and four younger siblings. She was named after the city of Petra. Petra loves to read and write, and recently found a book called "The Invisible Man" at the bookstore Powell's. In The Wright 3, she has trouble adapting to Tommy, Calder's friend who moved back to Hyde Park. She and Calder had become friends when Tommy moved away and now she was dealing with the threesome. Petra is the other main character in Chasing Vermeer.

Tommy Segovia- Tommy, just like Petra and Calder, is 12 and in sixth grade. He is the shortest of the three. He has short, black hair and dark brown eyes. Tommy has a pet fish named Goldman. He loves fish objects of art and has a collection on a shelf in his room. He just came back to Hyde Park after living in New York for a few months. He loves to explore and find buried treasure. His apartment building is located right next to the Robie House. He ended up digging a jade fish, that used to be Frank Lloyd Wright's.

Ms. Hussey- Ms. Isabel Hussey is the 6th grade teacher of the Wright 3. She loves art and teaches her students everything she can about it. All of the kids think she’s cool. She has long hair and lots of earrings. She also loves to read. Ms. Hussey asks lots of questions and gets her students to think about everything.

Mr. Dare- Mr. Dare is the mason of the Robie House. He fell off the roof of this house, getting ready to take it down. Calder met with him in the hospital to ask about the house. He said his great-grandfather was a mason for Frank Lloyd Wright. Later in the book, Calder, Petra, and Tommy saw him at the Art Institute with Ms. Hussey.

Mrs. Sharpe- Mrs. Sharpe is an old woman who knows pretty much everything about art. She likes to read. In The Wright 3, she is visited by Petra and tells her about "The Invisible Man". She isn't exactly the nicest person, but she is always there to help Calder and Petra when they need it.

Zelda Segovia- Zelda is Tommy's mom, and she works for the library. She has short, silver- like hair. Her eyes are unusual, one of them is blue and the other one is chestnut. She wants the best for Tommy, and is sorry that he is still lonely after moving back. She was foolishly convinced into marrying a man who was a criminal. Once they got married, they moved to New York, and Tommy had to go with him.

Goldman- Goldman is Tommy's pet goldfish. He is always there when Tommy has no one to talk to. Tommy loves him very much. Goldman helps Tommy solve mysteries and is a great friend.