Frank Lloyd Wright went to Chicago to become an architect. He wanted to go there so he could see the amazing buildings he had heard about. His dream was to wear expensive clothes, and to see everything in Chicago. He also wanted to study the type of architecture that the other architects had chosen for Chicago's buildings. For example, they used huge windows and few decorations. Frank admired the other architects because they were trying out steel skeletons, to see if they could make taller buildings. These buildings ended up becoming the worlds first skyscrapers, this style became nicknamed "Chicago School".

chgofire1a.gifWhen he got there he was very disappointed. Chicago was full of muddy, unpaved, and dark streets. There were lots of people from different countries. Everything was different. He wished he had never come, but he did not give up. After a one night stay Frank only had $3 left, so he tried to live off of bananas until he found a job. After five years in Chicago a fire almost completely destroyed the city, but because it was a port city and in the middle of the new railroads it was rebuilt quietly.

Every place Frank went he was turned down. Finally he went to J.L. Silsbee who was working on a church. Strangely, Frank’s uncle was the minister at that church. Frank never told Silsbee about his uncle, but he was still hired for his courage and self confidence.

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