Wright3Med.jpgthe Wright three chapters 10-15
Chapter 10 do not enter
Ms. Hussey, The childrens teacher decides to take the whole class on a field trip to the Robie House. Tommy Segovia was late and Calder covered up for him. So they left a note on the board and left.As they walked around thhe house, taking notes and sketching, when Petra noticed that the house was a marvel of engineering. All of the windows could be seen out but not in. She noticed that the windows seemed to change color. She found Calder who said that he had seen a man in a cape in the window. A construction worker told them that a mason had fallen off the roof three days ago. In his rom Tommy drops the jade fish in his fishes bowl.

Chapter 11 The Haystack idea
Tommy came in late and forged a dentists note to explain why he was late.The class was figuring out why the Robie house was art. They came to the conclusion that cutting up the Robie House would be like cutting up a priceless painting. The general Idea was that if you cut up the house and sold the pieces it would be like cutting off the haystack from a Monet Haystack painting and selling the pieces.

Chapter12 Three!
Petra and Calder went to Tommys house to study the house and read up on it. They chose Tommys house because he had a perfect view of the house from his room. Tommy was afraid that petra might find out about the jade fish runs to hide Goldmans bowl from her. As they read they shared the information that they found. Petra read that everyone who had ever lived inthe house had a family tragedy. As Petra looks at the windows the sunlight runs over the windows making three coresponding pieces.

chapter13 a link
The three friends start to realize that there are so many threes in the world around them. Calder had been building parts of the Robie house with the F, the L and the W pentominoes. There are three of the pentominoes and those are Frank Loyd Wright's initials. And also, the adventure started on June 3. Calder described how he had pulled out the FLW again and he also pulled out the I and T. As he was building he realized that he had built a section of the Robie house. He realized that if you turn the W upside down you get an M. And T, I and M makes The invisible man.

chapter 14 one huge pattern
Tommy is arguing with Calder about the jade fish. Tommy just doesn't want to give up the secret to Petra and Calder can't imagine why. Calder set up a meeting with Henry Dare, The mason who fell,and decided to go alone.

chapter 15 Goldman Knows
Tommys mom told him about a movie called rear window by a famous director named Alfred Hitchcock. Petra starts to worry that tommy is hiding something and realizes that tommy is breaking up her friendship with Calder. Petra flips through the pages of The Invisible Man hoping for a clue and gets "It was all a dream,that visit to the old places." Petra decides to visit Mrs. Sharpe, her elderly neighbor.

chapter 16 Rear Windows
Calder goes to see Mr. Dare. He says that he felt the house throw him off like a fish. He also mentions feeling invisible. He also said that he heard a kids voice sa either stay away or stay and play. Tommys mom tells him about a movie called Rear Window. Tommy watches it and thought that it was good. Tommy moved his bed so that he could see out when he was in bed.

Chapter 17 Part of the Art
Petra went to see Mrs. Sharpe to talk about the mystery. Mrs. sharpe told her that she had lived in the Robie House for a while. She told her that the lights from the windows ade it look like you were walking in kaleidascope of color. She said that the color changes by the second.house twice. When Petra asked how many secrets can you learn in one day? she said I think you have all you need.

Chapter18 sacrelege
The children in school decided to have press watch them cut up the art. They all took a painting and said what they liked about it befoe chopping it up. Calder noticed Mr. Dare in the crowd. It was a big hit

chapter19 red herrings
Calder, Petra and Tommy go up in the treehouse to talk. Tommy thinks that there secrets arent safe with eachother but calder thought that they should use some candy as a symbol of trust. Tommy offered some red candy fish. That was when the came up with the Wright Three as a name.