The Wright 3: Chapters 20-27

Chapter 20: After the Storm

As Tommy suddenly remembers that he had left his window open in the midst of the storm, he begins to run toward his house to see if Goldman is okay. He finds that his door has been unlocked. When he goes inside to check on Goldman, he sees his fish collection has been disturbed. Tommy feels like someone is watching him. Petra finds herself looking at a rhubarb bush and sees her notebook. Calder tells her about the pentominoes he has recently pulled out, they are Frank Lloyd Wright's initials and when he puts them together, they lookl an invisible man. Petra sees footprints of a man with no shoes on.

Chapter 21: A New Code

Calder writes a new code for The Wright 3. He calls it the Wright Sandwich Code. The Wright 3 see Ms. Hussey in the bakery with Mr.Dare. The kids follow the two onto the bus. They think Ms. Hussey might be in trouble. Would Mr. Dare see Ms. Hussey as a threat? The kids follow the pair to the Chicago Institute of Art. They are looking at statues when they hear Ms. Hussey's voice.

Chapter 22: Wright's Fish

The children scatter and look for hiding places. They don't want Ms. Hussey to know they had been following her. Each one snoops a little and they hear Mr. Dare saying that Frank Lloyd Wright bought a jade talisman and that Wright had somehow encoded himself into the Robie House. Petra and Tommy get in a fight. Petra wants to donate money from the fish to the Robie House, Tommy wants to keep it.

Chapter 23: A Lie

The Wright 3 have a meeting in the tree house. Tommy decides to tell Calder and Petra that he hadn't really found the jade fish by the Robie House. Tommy and Petra get in another fight. When Tommy gets to his door, it's unlocked again. His mom wasn't home yet. Tommy opens the door and is horrified by...

Chapter 24: Horror

the condition of his house -- it's completely trashed. It looks like everything has been turned over. Tommy spots Goldman out of his bowl and quickly creates a makeshift one. While he is checking to see if Goldman is okay, he realizes that the jade talisman is gone. He hears someone at the door.

Chapter 25: In the Boxes

Zelda, his mom, walks in and looks shocked. Tommy tells her there was a break-in. Tommy calls Calder and tells about him about it. Tommy and Zelda clean up and find replacement furnishings in their storage room. Tommy takes a pair of baby monitors. He and Zelda go to the Moon Palace in Chinatown.

Chapter 26: A Silvery Voice

Calder calls Petra and tells her about the break-in. Petra wonders what to do. She hears the voice of the house talking to her in her head. It says, "The house is me, it's mine... If you trust me enough to listen to my message, I will speak." Petra doesn't hear anything else but knows there is something in that house.

Chapter 27: A Triangle of Gold

Tommy is eating with his mom in the Moon Palace. When they leave, he sees a man leaving an antique store. He thinks that is is the man that had yelled at him a few days ago. Tommy thinks that's who had trashed his apartment. Tommy sees shadows by the Robie House. The figures were crouched down by the bushes. Tommy made a noise and the stranges stopped moving. A flashlight beam shined in his window. When he looked up again, the figures where gone. Tommy sneaks out of the house to see if the figures were still down there. He sees a flashlight light inside. A window opened in the house and Tommy was flashed by a bright camera light. He went blind for a few seconds, then when his vision cleared, no one whas there.