Summary 4

Chapters 28 - 34 of The Wright Three

external image Wright3Med.jpgChapter Twenty-Eight...The Japanese Garden

Tommy takes Petra and Calder to the Japanese Garden where he claims he found the jade fish similiar to Frank Lloyd Wright's. He leads them to the spot where he supposedly found the fish, but the dirt was hard packed. Then Petra notices that a rock in the middle of the pond looks like a fish flipping its tail up. The three think it's a sign not to give up.

Chapter Twenty-Nine...Inside at Night

Calder, Tommy, and Petra have Tommy's mom drop them off at the theatre to see a movie. When Zelda Segovia finally left, the three sneaked off to the Robie House. Tommy looked for a way in, and found one. Calder and Petra thought it looked like he was pulled in, so they decided to stay out and knock on the window to see if he came.

Chapter Thirty...The Net

When Tommy first stepped into the house he thought it felt a little like being a fish in a net. He unlocked the window for Calder and Petra to come in, and they were all inside. They looked for a spot to put Tommy's baby monitors where the men wouldn't see it. Suddenly the three heard footsteps in a distant part of the house. The three ran, but only to find that the way Tommy had used to get in, was blocked by a man in dark clothing. The Wright 3 were trapped in the Robie House.

Chapter Thirty-One...Three Little Birdies

The three turned and ran through the house with the man following them. They ran to the back door and tried to pull on it, but the lock wouldn't give. Tommy, Petra, and Calder heard the man coming so they ran upstairs. Right when they rushed into the first bedroom, bags went over their heads and arms squeezed them against a wall. Two men were in the bedroom, one man was the one who had wrecked Tommy's apartment. Tommy finds out soon that the men did take Tommy's jade fish. Petra says in the Wright 3's code to "TRY ESCAPE." They decide using the code to escape by the roof. Petra asks to go to the bathroom and the man unties everyone's wrists. In the bathroom Petra kicks the man and the three run to the roof of the house. The man follows, but when he's on the roof a strange ripple goes through the roof tiles and the man falls off. The roof collapses on him and the Wright 3 are safe.

Chapter Thiry-Two...Lost and Found

Petra, Calder, and Tommy are rescued by a fire truck from the roof of hte Robie House, and parents were called. Then, Tommy admits to finding the jade fish in the garden of the house. The Wright 3 found out that the two men would be fine, and that they were only petty criminals, trying to steal lamps from the house. They had faked credentials and were hired, and on the first day of the job they heard Henry Dare's story about Frank Lloyd Wright's jade fish. John Stone, the president of the University of Chicago heard what the Wright 3 had done. The three suggested to the president that they put the jade fish on display at an art museum. The university sets up the Wright Fund, which raised enough money to save and restore the Robie House.

Chapter Thirty-Three...The Man in the Window

The president takes the Wright 3 into the Robie House to look for Wright's hidden code. Petra takes out The Invisible Man and points to a page that says, "If a man was made of glass he would still be visible." Tommy stepped in front of a small casement window and said that the design looked like a geometric man, with three arms like the Buddha-woman in the Asian Wing of the art museum. Calder measured the length of the arms, and said that Wright coded himself in Fibonacci numbers, and that maybe that was the invisible part. An archivist had been looking for reference to a jade fish from Wright, and the three found out that Tommy's fish was really Frank Lloyd Wrights jade fish.

Chapter Thirty-Four...Summer in Hyde Park

Wright's jade fish had been bought by the Art Institute. The fish and the note that went with it was displayed in the Asian Wing. Petra began writing her first book, which was about a girl, that was sometimes visible and sometimes not, who's best friends were two boys.