Wright 3 chapters 1-9

Chapter 1: Invisible

As a mason climbs onto the roof of the The Robie House glad to be alive, and ready to tear down the house. Suddenly he felt a shake in the house as if it was alive, then he trips and he falls off the roof. As he is falling he thinks he hears a child's voice talking to him. When he hits the ground, he feels something heavy land on his chest, before he blacks out he thinks of the child's voice he heard before he fell.

Chapter 2: Murder in the Classroom

Tommy Segovia looked out the window remembering all the good times he and his friend Calder Pillay had before he moved over the summer that he hoped to have again, now that he was back. He was mad because his friend Calder made a new friend, Petra Andalee, and now he didn't think he and Calder would be friends. In sixth grade his new teacher was Ms. Hussey, Tommy thought his teacher was a little wierd because the day before she wore pajamas to school. He was feeling uncomfortable in the classroom because the walls were covered in newspapers and magazines that the children hung up on the wall. He couldn't even remember the paint that was on the wall.

Chapter 3: Life & Art

As Ms. Hussey walked into the room she went over to the chalkboard and picked up one of the pieces of chalk and dropped it. The whole class gasped as the chalk hit the ground because Ms. Hussey usually gets angry if some one else breaks her chalk. Then she said "If I take this chalk and put it back together will it be the same and still write how I want it to?" She picked up one of the pieces of chalk and wrote Life & Art on the chalkboard. The chalk made an ugly sound and wrote ugly double letters. As she did this, Calder thought of all the ways you could take the letters from Life & Art and make other words with it. Ms. Hussey said "I read in the Chicago Tribune this morning that they are going to take the Robie House and divide it into four different parts and give it to four different museums". Then Ms. Hussey started reading the article from the Chicago Tribune to the kids. The class then started talking about the house and right as the conversation was finishing, the bell rang and school was out.

Chapter 4: A Find

When Tommy left school he didn't see Calder or Petra. As Tommy was walking by the Robie House he noticed that it was wrapped in yellow tape that said "do not cross". When Tommy got home he fed his goldfish Goldman His mom, Zelda Segovia, wouldn't be home from work for a while. As Tommy looked out the window he wondered what he would find if he went into the house and looked all around. Tommy was a collector and had at least fifty four leaf clovers.His favorite collection was fish that he kept on a special shelf. He jumped up and ran outside. He waited until nobody was around and ducked under the tape. He ran over to a random spot and started digging. In a couple minutes he found a number of things but then he hit something hard. He dug with two hands and picked something up and jumped over the tape and ran home.

Chapter 5: Tales From the Tracks

Petra and Calder were walking home in silence. Tommy came running down the street and ran up to Calder, then started talking to Calder about all the things they had done that were mean but funny. As Petra walked by Powell's Book Store, she looked in the cardboard box that Powell's kept all the books they were giving away for free. She looked through and saw a copy of the book "Invisible Man". She took the copy and walked home with it. Two days later, Calder and Tommy didn't even paid attention to her. When she got home, she went up to her room and watched the train go by. As she was watching, she noticed a man wearing all black clothes in the front of the train that threw something out the window. She ran over to Calder's house and knocked on the door. When Calder answered the door, she told him what happened and he threw on his shoes and they headed to the train tracks. When they got there, they didn't find anything, and when they were about to give up and then they saw it.

Chapter 6: New Pentominoes

It was a book sitting upright on its pages. Petra picked it up and it was the same book that she picked up at Powell's a couple days ago. Calder and Petra walked to Calder's house and when they got to his porch, Petra dumped out the dirt in her shoes and offered him one of the copies of the book but he refused it. Petra got home and she started reading "The Invisible Man". When Calder got home, he took out his pentominoes and took out the ones that spell LIFE & ART, and started making all the possible words he could make with all the letters. In the end, he had many words but the two he thought about the most was "fear it", and "flare it". Then, he heard Tommy walking up the steps and Tommy told him about he garden by the Robie House and showed him the jade fish he had found.

Chapter 7: Fear It

Mr. Dare lay in the hospital thinking about the day he fell of the Robie house and the voice he had thought he heard. Thinking whether it was "Go away", or "Stay and play".

Chapter 8: A Ghastly Face

Petra read for a couple hours, thinking how it would be to see all the strange and weird things in life. She read for hours and then played go fish for a while and then went to bed.

Chapter 9: The Bite

Petra, Calder, and Tommy didn't see each other that weekend. On the way home, Calder and Petra talked about all the words you could make with Life & Art. Tommy came out of one of the stores with a crossiant and made fun of Petra for being a girl and made her run off. When Petra was gone, Calder punched Tommy, told him that he was mean and headed home.