Robie_House_1.jpgThe Robie House is a house in Chicago. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for his client, Fredrick C. Robie. It is located on the campus of the University of Chicago. The Robie House was a revolutionary architectural work, both when it was built, in 1910, and now. The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust describes it as having "sweeping horizontal lines, and dramatic overhangs". It is also lined with Frank Lloyd Wright's trademark art glass windows, which surround the house and are covered with Wright's Froebal Blocks (see FLW Growing Up for more information) that he loved so much. The Robie House is one of Wright's many Prairie Houses.

Wright designed the Robie House to look something like a boat. The ends of the house come to points like the prow of a ship. There are steep steps going from the garden to the second floor. It is meant to feel like climbing up the side of a ship, and then be looking out from the deck (Second floor). There is no obvious front door, instead you have to either walk through a dark passageway or enter through large front gates and go through a maze to finally get into the house. Once inside, visitors would feel like they were entering the bright deck of a ship from the dark cabin. The chimney rises up like smokestacks.

The Robie House was in danger of destruction twice, but Wright saved it both times. The house was used as a gathering place for the Chicago alumni prior to 2004. In 2004, it was restored to its original beauty. It now serves as a museum for the general public, and is run by the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust. It is actually oneof the "main characters" in the book The Wright 3.

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